Window Washing | How much does it cost?

I’ve talked to a lot of people about window washing, and quite a few of them do not like washing windows at their home.

They like having clean windows, they just don’t like the time it takes and the results aren’t what they were hoping for.

Why not hire a professional window cleaner?  When I asked them, the most common response was “I’m not sure how much that costs.”


Window Washing, window cleaning, beckon call, green cleaning, sustainable cleaningSo how much does window washing cost?

I clean windows at numerous homes, and one thing I can tell you is that there is a lot of variations from home to home.

With different window styles, height of windows, and so on, getting a look at the job is the best way to price it.  But here are some figures to give you a general idea of the costs:

  • Smaller home (up to 1,900 sq ft.):  Starts at $90
  • Medium home (2,000 – 3,200 sq ft):  $150 and up
  • Larger home (3,200 sq ft and up):  $225 and up

Beckon Call gives professional window cleaning estimates.  Estimates are always free.

Window cleaning estimates perform three important functions:  (1) they give you the cost of cleaning windows, (2) you can get all your window cleaning questions answered and (3) you get to meet who is going to be cleaning your windows. It’s very important to be comfortable with anyone who is working in or around your home.

Interested, give us a call today to set-up your free estimate.  No strings attached, promise!

Contact Beckon Call today, and have clean windows in no time!

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  1. Im looking in starting my window washing Business in New york.I would like to Know How do you price window. 1 flr 2 flr 3flr and so exterior interior
    and what the average price…Thank you

  2. Jim says:

    Christopher– How’s the business going now?

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